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The Association has five membership classifications. TASBO'€™s membership dues are for a 12-month period; benefits begin on the first day of the month following receipt of full payment. TASBO memberships can be either individual (stays with the person if s/he changes employers) or institutional (stays with the employer that designated the individual).

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TASBO Membership Registration Form TASBO Membership Registration Form (2013-10-09 11:22)  

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Option Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Option (July 2014 Update)  

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Active Member

Open to any employee of K-12 schools and employees of governmental entities. Active members shall be voting members.

Active membership dues are based on annual salary:

Under $30,000 $90
$30,000 - $49,999 $110
$50,000 - $79,999 $130
$80,000+ $150

Associate Member

Associate members are available to employees of vendors and not-for-profit organizations. These members may participate in TASBO activities, but they have no voting privileges and are not eligible to hold office in TASBO.

Associate dues are $150 per year

Retired Member

Retired membership is available to those TASBO members who have retired from school employment but do not meet the requirements for Life Membership or Associate membership. Retired members shall be voting members.

Retired Member dues are $45 per year

Student Member

Student members shall be non-voting members enrolled in a college or university and are currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in the field of business and/or education who are not eligible for membership in any of the other membership categories.

Student Member dues are $90

Life Member

Life Membership is open to members who have been approved for this honorary membership by the Board of Directors based on criteria set out in Board policy. For more on qualifications click here. Life Members do not pay membership dues

Rights of Membership
The right to vote and hold office shall be limited to active members whose dues are paid for the current year and life and retired members. The right to have a voice in discussion at meetings of this association shall be limited to members.