School District Deadline for Filing Depository Contracts PDF Print E-mail


All school districts need to file depository contract-related documents no later than June 15, 2011 with the Texas Education Agency Division of Financial Audits, according to the TO THE ADMINISTRATOR ADDRESSED letter dated January 26, 2011.  The letter explains the selection process involving competitive bids or proposals in addition to various documents to be filed by school districts that will not be extending or are not eligible for an extension of the current contract for another two-year period.  There is a filing requirement that applies even to school districts that are extending the current contract without any changes to bank account information.  School districts are encouraged to file the necessary documents prior to the June 15th deadline to allow plenty of time to address any corrections or omissions in the documents that are filed.  The distribution of all state and federal revenues flowing through the Texas Education Agency and other State agencies may be delayed if timely filing is not accomplished. 

To access the TO THE ADMINISTRATOR ADDRESSED letter click on the link below.