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According to a new research report released by the National Education Association, Rankings and Estimates, Ranking of the States 2011 and Estimates of School Statistics 2012, the state of Texas ranking for per student public education spending is falling from number 41st for school year 2010-11 to 45th for 2011-2012 relative to the 50 states and the District of Columbia.   According to the research report, per student spending is decreasing in Texas from $9,446 to $8,908, as reported in the data tables on pages 95 and 96. 

Texas' ranking is falling ahead of even greater per student state aid funding cuts to occur in many school districts in school year 2012-2013.  During a January 2012 House Public Education Committee meeting, Vice Chairman Representative Scott Hochberg and Texas Education Agency General Counsel David Anderson discussed the relationship between spending and academic ratings for Texas public schools.  Mr. Anderson explained that the average funding per student for school districts rated exemplary (the highest academic rating) was about $1,000 per student greater than the funding levels of school districts rated unacceptable (the lowest academic rating). 

To access the National Education Association Research report, click on the link below.

National Education Association Research Report National Education Association Research Report (777.23 KB)