Earning a TASBO Certification opens up opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. You will prove to your district—and yourself—that you’re dedicated to your profession.

This video explains why you should consider pursuing a certification from TASBO:

Benefits of a TASBO Certification

Take Your Career to New Heights

Texas schools prefer to hire applicants who have a TASBO Certification. Districts understand that a TASBO Certification means you’re among the most educated and dedicated professionals on the market. Designed to provide a comprehensive look at everything school business officials should know, a TASBO Certification offers the best way to move into new, more lucrative, and more fulfilling career opportunities.

Fill the Gap

If you’ve worked a single day in a Texas public school, you know there’s a gap between what you learned in school and the real world. TASBO certifications fill that gap. You’ll learn the practical skills you need to thrive in your day-to-day work.

Know the Latest

State and federal regulations change all the time. And each time they change, so does your job. TASBO certification courses are built on the most up-to-date laws, rules, and policies. And they’re taught by reputable, active, and retired professionals. Knowing that your work aligns with the latest requirements, you'll work smarter and more efficiently.

Connect with Your Colleagues

You may feel you’re the only person dealing with a particular challenge at work. But when you attend a TASBO certification course, you instantly connect with colleagues from around the state who’ve been there, done that, and understand the challenges you face. You’ll learn from them and, in turn, you’ll share how you solve problems they’re facing. It’s peer education at its finest.

Do It Your Way

You’re busy. That’s why we offer so many ways to pursue your TASBO certification. We offer certification across more than a dozen professional specialties. You can take your courses online or in person.

“Earning my certification strengthened my connection to a community of other certified school business officials that I can lean on.”

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