ESSER Reporting Requirements Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to encourage LEA staff (ESSER Grant/Program Management, Administration/Leadership, Business/Finance), Education Service Center ESSER/Federal Program staff, and TEA Grant Management Staff to collaborate regarding ESSER reporting requirements.

Topics will focus on the segregation of duties, lessons learned from the last round of reporting requirements, utilizing finance local use codes, and effective implementation of information repository systems.

Attendees will have several engagement opportunities to transfer what they learn to their own data sources and repository systems utilizing the provided resources and templates.

ESSER Facilitators

Event Dates & Location:

October 17 - Region 2 ESC
November 17 - Region 11 ESC

December 13 - Region 13 ESC/ Online

You may choose the date/location that works best for you. On December 13th, you may attend in person or virtually. However, if your district picks this option, we ask that you watch with your colleagues to promote face-to-face collaboration!

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