2021-22 Master Calendar is Now Available

2021 22 Master Calendar

The 2021-22 TASBO Master Calendar (version 1) is now available in Excel and Google Sheets. Key deadlines and events can now be uploaded to your own Outlook or Google Calendar.

Review your school business tasks and deadline for the year in one spreadsheet. Navigating the calendar is easy. Filter by area, find important tasks, and learn about relevant training events that cover essential elements.

What's New?

1) Excel spreadsheet with all deadlines - can be filtered by department, additional local district deadlines can be inserted and additional columns can be added to assign the tasks to a specific individual. A best practice is to add columns for "Responsible Person" and "Date Completed". The Excel spreadsheet can also be viewed in Google Docs.

2) Excel spreadsheet in a Outlook Calendar import format - all deadlines can be imported (perhaps by a Superintendent or CFO with global oversight), or can be filtered to delete all non-applicable departments and then import only the assigned deadlines. Additional rows can be added with local deadlines before importing the calendar.

3) Excel spreadsheet in a Google Calendar import format - similar to option #2.

A pre-recorded overview, Using the Master Calendar, is available to provide additional guidance.​ Special thanks to TASBO Life Member and new TASBO Education Associate, Becky Estrada, for helping us put this together.

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