Meet the Alamo Area ASBO Affiliate


An interview with TASBO Affiliate, Alamo Area ASBO’s Immediate Past President Julie Sitton, Director Records Management at North East ISD.

Alamo Area ASBO
Immediate Past President
Julie Sitton | Director Records Management | North East ISD

How long have you been a member of the Alamo Area ASBO affiliate?

7 years

What is your current officer role and what other roles have you served as? (officer position, years)

I am the immediate past president now, but I have served as secretary, vice president and president.

Tell us about your story within the affiliate? How did you get involved/introduced to the group? Did a fellow school business colleague start/encourage your journey?

I started with AAASBO my first year as a professional at North East ISD. It was a great way to meet people and to get familiar with my position. I knew right away I wanted to be on the board and get further involved. It has been a great journey, a wonderful way to meet people, and a valuable asset to my career.

Why did you want to serve as an officer?

Help promote the organization

What has it meant to you to be a part of your affiliate group?

It has been wonderful! I have been able to meet so many people who share the same struggles and can offer solutions. It has been a great learning tool for me.

Does your affiliate hold meetings in the same location or do you rotate around the region? How many meetings do you have throughout the year?

We rotate around the region with 8 meetings a year and hold an annual dinner at the TASBO conference.

Does your affiliate charge dues?

Yes, $5.00

What has been your most helpful/successful meeting topic in the past 12 months?

TRS has been the most popular topic for us.

Favorite sponsored lunch? …we all love free food!

Our annual Thanksgiving luncheon sponsored by Indeco Sales is always delicious.

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