Bond Election Results

Bond election results

The comptroller's office has posted bond election results to their website here.

The website includes bond election information for all units of local government. This past November, Texas voters authorized almost $5.5 billion in new debt and rejected roughly $1.4 billion. This was very close to the amount authorized in November of 2018, and down from the high of $7.3 billion that was authorized in November of 2017.

One pattern that might surprise some is that November elections tended to be more successful than May elections. According to this data, the number of propositions passed was higher in November than in May in each of the last 5 years. At no time in the past 5 years has the November passage rate dipped below 70%.

November 201977.6%
May 201975.9%
November 201879.2%
May 201868.3%
November 201772.9%
May 201764.7%
November 201678.3%
May 201673.0%
November 201587.2%
May 2015


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