Clint Swindall Tells Us Somethin' Good - Even in Trying Times


TASBO hosts Clint Swindall, a popular keynote speaker at TASBO, on this episode of the TASBOcast podcast. This episode was originally recorded on May 12.

On this episode of TASBOcast, we have a discussion with engagement specialist Clint Swindall. Clint is a two-team TASBO conference speaker, who uses humor and story-telling to discuss various topics, from leadership to engagement. As a seasoned leadership keynote speaker, Clint effectively delivers a message of professional and personal engagement in these uncertain times. This episode was recorded May 12.

Why start with something good?

"It seems like everyday there's another issue that divides us and that division brings about so much negativity. And, while we still have to face those things that are tough in our lives, we still have a responsibility to look around and realize there is so much good that is around us." - Clint Swindall

Why did you start writing and speaking about leadership and workplace engagement?

"Somewhere along the way I realized people are really starving for leadership, so that's where I started down that path." - Clint Swindall.

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