Dynamic Communication with Shakira Brown

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In this episode of TASBOcast, TASBO's Becky Bunte and Tom Greer have a conversation with Shakira Brown - a gifted speaker with years of experience teaching others how to effectively communicate. Shakira has two breakout learning sessions planned for the TASBO Engage Conference.

In this episode, we have an in-depth discussion with Shakira Brown. She's an award-winning communicator and former network television broadcast journalist. Shakira was been a go-to resource for TASBO, most recently leading sessions for TASBO instructors. She's slated to present two breakout learning sessions at the 2022 TASBO Engage Conference in Grapevine.

TASBO's Tom Greer and Becky Bunte co-host this conversation, ranging from crucial conversation tactics to employee retention.

"So when you have an environment where people are willingly sharing, you're going to have less people with sour grapes...I definitively think that it can help generate that feeling that they're part of something larger than what they're assigned to." - Shakira Brown

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