Keeping Up with HB 3 and School Finance

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Since HB3 became law, TASBO has kept a close eye on developments and is committed to communicating updates to members.

House Bill (HB3) 3 includes the most significant school finance changes passed by the Texas Legislature in a generation. We are committed to providing the updates and resources needed to help school districts understand and navigate the law's impact. Accordingly, we have re-structured many of our services and training opportunities to meet this need.

Looking for Budget Academy?

Early in the process of developing an agenda for our annual Budget Academy, we realized that reforms outlined in HB3 would dominate the program. Moreover, we felt it was important to cover more regions. For that reason, we organized a series of HB3 Deep Dive Workshops around the state. Additionally, we created a State Aid Template Boot Camp in place of the Budget Boot Camp.

HB3: Deep Dive for 2020 Workshops

January 13

January 15Corpus ChristiRegister

January 16


January 21

San AngeloRegister

January 23

February 14Round RockRegister
State Aid Template Boot Camp
February 13Round RockRegister

HB3 Resources

Our Policy & Research page provides links to news and resources related to HB3. Not only do school districts need to have an understanding of the legislation's impact on district finances and operations, but they need to stay abreast of how the legislation is interpreted and implemented. We provide a link to the Texas Education Agency's resource page, which provides upcoming due dates and news.

It is our goal to help districts understand what they need to do to successfully adopt changes outlined in HB3 and will continue to educate school districts on this historic piece of legislation. We anticipate additional information being covered at the 2020 TASBO Engage Conference.

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