Kristi Clark Joins TASBO As Chief Policy Officer

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TASBO has named attorney Kristi Clark, J.D., as its new Chief Policy Officer.

TASBO has named attorney Kristi Clark as its new Chief Policy Officer - a position recently created. She will join the Policy & Research team, headed by Associate Executive Director of Policy & Research Amanda Brownson.

As Chief Policy Officer, Kristi will provide TASBO members guidance to help them to meet state and federal laws and regulations on a variety of topics, including budget and tax rate adoption, purchasing, and other areas of importance to the business office. She will also share guidance related to the implications of legislation under consideration on topics including property taxation, school finance and school budgeting. Additionally, Kristi will provide resources and materials to help our members explain the complexities of school finance and school budgeting in Texas. While Kristi can provide general guidance on legal issues, she does not represent any district. Her legal guidance should never be substituted for that of a school attorney.

"We are thrilled to have Kristi join our team," said TASBO Executive Director Tracy Ginsburg. "She will be an invaluable help to our members as we navigate the changing school finance landscape."

Kristi joins TASBO from The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) where she served as the Division Director of Policy Service. Prior to holding that role, Kristi worked in TASB Legal Services as Lead Attorney, Finance and Elections, where she advised districts, gave presentations, and developed resources to assist districts in understanding and complying with the legal requirements of the budget and tax rate adoption process, including Truth in Taxation requirements and the deadlines and requirements related to conducting a VATRE. Kristi has a BBA in Accounting from Texas Christian University and a law degree from The University of Texas at Austin.

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