Letters of Reasonable Assurance and COVID-19

TASB Risk Management Fund provides an overview of Letters of Reasonable Assurance.

School districts face a unique circumstance related to employees filing for unemployment benefits: a scheduled break over the summer months. Reasonable Assurance is a provision that exists in the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act to protect school districts during the summer and other scheduled breaks. The Letter of Reasonable Assurance (LRA) is a written agreement from the school that an employee can expect to return to the same or similar job after a scheduled break, for example, in the next school year.

In the TASB Risk Management blog, Inside RM, we addressed the following issues:

  • Responding to claims during the COVID-19 closure
  • When to issue an LRA
  • Who should get an LRA
  • Consequences of not signing an LRA
  • Additional resources and help from the Fund
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