Life's Little Instructions for a New School Year

TCG's Mason Moses shares his late grandfather's presentation, "Life's Little Instructions."

Being the son of a retired Superintendent and school teacher and a grandson of educators has made the value of education an integral part of my family. Many nights at the dinner table involved conversations of education topics and family gatherings were filled with humorous stories of school people. They were always lively conversations filled with laughter but they all ended with some lesson that was being taught.

My paternal grandfather, Morgan Moses, was a life-long educator who served as a teacher, coach, principal, and college professor in the Stephen F. Austin University School of Education. After he passed away in 2014, my Dad and I were going through his old files and found a piece of paper that he had scribbled some notes on for a presentation he gave titled “Life’s Little Instructions. ”Finding it after he passed was like finding out that he secretly had one final lesson to teach us and knew these words would help as we continued with our lives. Each “instruction” is applicable in our daily lives, providing guidance to those in leadership roles and also to parents raising children .I keep a copy of these in my office to serve as a daily reminder of why schools matter and how we should live our lives in service to others.

As a new school year begins, I believe that these instructions are worth revisiting. People are life-long learners as we all continue to find ways to improve ourselves, our families, and our organizations. While these are not related to the typical topics usually covered in this newsletter related to Superintendent contracts and financial planning, I hope you find them useful as you start the back to school season. We hope you have a great 2023-2024 school year!

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