One-Stop Shop for Classroom Supplies: A Stress-Free Solution for Teachers

Teacher highfive

Amazon Business details the benefits of centralizing purchasing workflow systems for public school teachers and other staff.

Teachers have reported increased stress levels for years. According to a 2022 Gallup poll, K-12 teachers experience the highest burnout of all U.S. professions. Among the top reasons: additional responsibilities because of staffing shortages.

In part, that has contributed to 300,000 public school teachers and other staff leaving the field between February 2020 and May 2022. That’s nearly a 3% drop in that workforce based on Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Savvy school leaders who simplify the classroom supplies procurement process can boost teacher morale by enabling them to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what they love: teaching.

One fewer software system

Over the years, technology has increasingly become a part of the classroom. Then, the pandemic forced teachers to learn multiple new software systems overnight. This amplified teacher stress levels, which studies show can hinder student achievement and engagement.

Adopting a familiar system at school reduces the frustration of adopting new software or processes, easily alleviating at least one pain point for teachers. According to research, 82% of business buyers want the same experience buying for work as when they’re buying for themselves at home. Many educators use Amazon outside of work for convenience, selection and competitive prices.

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