Sponsor Spotlight: Horace Mann

Lori Gray Texas2

Lori Gray talks student loan forgiveness, retirement, and what sets Horace Mann apart.

We talked with Lori Gray, Texas Territory Leader, about her company's initiatives, her interactions with TASBO members, and their sponsorship with TASBO.

What are some hot topics heading into this year?

The hot topics are our student loan forgiveness program and questions on the retirement system. Are people where they want to be and where they can be to prepare for retirement?

And, what are some key initiatives for Horace Mann?

We’re making people aware of distracted driving and how that affects your auto rates? And, how to better prepare your home for the heat and the cold. And again, we’re providing education on the student loan forgiveness programs that are still available.

What do you appreciate about TASBO members?

I appreciate the partnership we have with TASBO. We appreciate their members’ willingness and openness to let us come in and share our ideas on partnerships and programs for their schools. They’re willing to accept us and trust us because of our partnership level with TASBO.

What are some additional benefits of your relationship with TASBO and the Strategic Partner Program?

The benefits of being a strategic partner is the ability to utilize the executive staff to assist in how to approach districts that are bombarded with the vendor side of the business. And, I feel like our level of partnership sets us apart because it shows benefits and discounts that we give only to the educator.

Thank you Lori and Horace Mann for your support for public education!

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