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TASBO Strategic Partner TCG Group Holdings is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm built on a passion for delivering solid and consistent risk-adjusted performance over time by employing well-defined and repeatable investment processes.

We talked with Chris Jamail, Partner & Chief Marketing Officer, TCG Group Holdings about his company's initiatives, his interactions with TASBO members, and their sponsorship with TASBO.

What are hot topics in your industry going into 2019-20?

In the financial services industry we’re focused on financial literacy in retirement readiness. We’re spending a fair amount of time trying to educate the educators. And, how do we provide these services at a reasonable expense and at reasonable costs to the stakeholders.

What are key initiatives for TCG Group Holdings?

We’re in the business of educating educators, so that’s where a lot of our time and energy has been spent. How do we deliver that message and how do we deliver the tools necessary to employees of school districts to make sure their financial futures are ready?

What do you appreciate about TASBO members?

The best part about working with folks in the education business is that they got into the field to make a difference. They’re there to share. So, we have the opportunity to work with folks who we enjoy having conversations with, and who get behind the mission that they're trying to accomplish each and every day. My my mother is an educator and several friends are in the education field. So, just being around that group of people certainly is a benefit for our company.

What are the benefits of your relationship with TASBO and the Strategic Partner sponsorship?

This strategic partnership has been great for us. Being able to have that TASBO sponsorship adds another level because we know what TASBO represents. We know that the standard that they hold themselves to and what they hold their corporate sponsors to. So, to have that strategic partnership certainly has enabled us to open up doors with business officials and the business managers.

Thank you Chris and thank you TCG Group Holdings for your support for public education!

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