Stephenville ISD Receives Improved Marks in S&P Financial Management Assessment

This case study documents how a Texas district improved their S&P Management Assessment marks through a new formalized financial planning process based on Forecast5 solutions.

Stephenville Independent School District empowers student success through a positive learning culture, and the support of the community and staff is what makes for a unique public education experience. Stephenville had already been using 5Sight when Teri Hodges, Executive Director for Finance and Operations, brought on 5Cast and 5Cast Plus in 2019. She did so with the knowledge that it was imperative to manage the financial stability of the district for the good of its staff, community, and students.

The district’s Standard & Poor’s bond rating had been labeled as AA - Stable. These ratings help determine if the district is eligible for certain types of state funding. Hodges believed that the district could improve its fiscal management processes, and thereby also improve their bond rating. Her adoption of a formalized financial plan within 5Cast was a part of change she implemented in the district’s Financial Management Assessment methodology.

Learn more about how Stephenville ISD improved their S&P Management Assessment marks by reading the full case study.

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