Summer PEIMS

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Mechelle Carpenter (Region 7 ESC) and Karen Holyfield (Gilmer ISD) make a guest appearance on TASBOcast to discuss PEIMS preparation during the summer, planning for next year, the EdFi transition, and onboarding advice to new PEIMS personnel.

In this episode we host Region 7's Mechelle Carpenter and Gilmer ISD's Karen Holyfield. Mechelle is a PEIMS Specialist with the Region 7 service center, who changed careers from the trucking industry to the classroom and, then PEIMS. Karen is our PEIMS research commitment and a past recipient of our RISE Award.

We discuss PEIMS, prepping for the next school year, EdFi adoption, and what districts (especially those new to PEIMS) can do to find training and resources to help them successfully manage their data. We had a great time (hosted by TASBO's Tom Greer).

On summer "vacation"...

"I usually try not to take a vacation because I'm so busy at that time, but I do, I love it." - Karen

On planning for the next school year...

"We're excited about the next year. We have a lot of good things planned. With EdFi coming on board, there will be a lot of additional training happening. So, I just encourage everyone to just attend as much training as you possibly can." - Mechelle

Advice to those new to PEIMS...

"Give themselves a break. It takes a good three years to understand." - Karen

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