TASBO Adds a New Certification Level: RTSBO


Learn about changes to the TASBO certification program, which includes the RTSBO certification and the enrollment document portal.

On March 1, 2023, TASBO began accepting applications for the new Registered Texas School Business Official (RTSBO) certification. The RTSBO includes the same course requirements as the RTSBA level, which is the highest TASBO certification level. This new level allows recipients to substitute more years of school business and operations experience in place of the college degree requirements for the RTSBA. There are now four levels of certification: CTSBS, CTSBO, RTSBO, and RTSBA.

"Our new level of certification, the RTSBO, is designed for experienced professionals without an undergraduate degree requirement," explained TASBO Executive Director Tracy Ginsburg. "TASBO staff worked closely with our Professional Certification Standing Committee and the Board to develop this new level of certification to provide flexibility and customization to school business and operations professionals who have the experience necessary to show they are fully qualified to lead school districts."

TASBO certification offers opportunities to expand professional knowledge and may be listed as a preference or requirement on a job posting. Designed to provide a comprehensive look at everything school business officials should know, the TASBO certification demonstrates that recipients have mastered the profession's core competencies.

Another new feature of the TASBO certification program is the development of an enrollment document portal. Applicants can now enroll online through their TASBO account as they near completion of the certification requirements. Users can upload a completed application, their service record, a letter of recommendation, and provide payment information.

For questions regarding professional certification, please visit the FAQ webpage or email cert@tasbo.org. To register for a TASBO training or to begin your certification application, you will need to be logged into your profile. If you need help accessing this information contact register@tasbo.org.

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