TASBO Honors Jonathan Bey as the 2022 Commitment to Excellence Recipient

Bey Family

Life Member Jonathan Bey was named the 2022 TASBO Commitment to Excellence Recipient at the annual conference in Grapevine. The award goes to the member who demonstrates consistent leadership within the organization and the profession.

At the 2022 TASBO Engage Conference in Grapevine, TASBO honored Life Member Jonathan Bey with the 2022 Commitment to Excellence Award. Jonathan recently retired as Executive Director of Purchasing from Fort Worth ISD and named a Life Member by the TASBO Board of Directors. Each year, TASBO selects an outstanding member who demonstrates consistent leadership within the organization and the profession. The award is sponsored by Equitable.

Jonathan is still active in TASBO, even after serving as its Board President in 2018-19 and retiring from school business in December. As the recent conference, he taught three professional certification courses and co-presented a breakout learning session with his daughter D'Ann Bey of Lewisville ISD on purchasing contracts.

"Jonathan was the clear cut winner because of his professionalism, what's he's done for the school district and what he's done for TASBO" said 2022-23 Board President Jennifer Land from Pflugerville ISD. "He is a true advocate for our new professionals who have just entered the business. And he wants to make TASBO as well as his school district a better place."

Prior to joining Fort Worth ISD in 2004, Jonathan served 20 years in the United States Air Force specializing in supply, logistics, and transportation. He started at Fort Worth ISD as a Purchasing Supervisor and eventually elevated to head Procurement, Travel, the HUB Program, and the district's print and mailroom operations. Most recently, his colleagues raved about his ability to lead the district through the COVID pandemic and his outstanding customer service.

"Jonathan is not only the epitome of professionalism," said Dr. Kent Paredes Scribner, Superintendent of Fort Worth ISD. "He is kind, gracious, and he leads with the upmost integrity,"

In recognition of the award, Equitable will donate $3,000 in Jonathan Bey's honor, to a cause tied to Fort Worth ISD.

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