Walk, Run, Exercise in October's Marathon in a Month


Looking to unite your district in a fun, healthy challenge? Join us in HealthCode’s October Marathon in a Month virtual activity challenge.

Your district is invited to join us in HealthCode’s October Marathon in a Month virtual activity challenge.

Marathon in a Month is a fun way to engage and connect your entire District, to stay active and safely connected. Can’t do a Marathon? What if you have 31 days to complete 26, 50, or 100 miles?

Yes, this virtual Marathon is designed to be inclusive for all. Whether you're looking for a weight loss challenge, interested in group fitness with your friends and coworkers or just want to get in shape, we support you! Off to the virtual races!

The implementation resources make this virtual event simple to administer and to use. There are no required fees for Districts or individuals to participate in the challenge.

Registration opens today. From the Organization, participants pull-down list select your “Organization’s Name” and enter their personal mileage goal

From October 1 to 31st, your employees log activity miles or minutes and start working on a healthier life. Registrants will receive a confirmation email from HealthCode with instructions on how to participate!

TASBO will recognize participating Districts in upcoming publications. And the TASBO staff will take part as well.


  1. If your Organization is not listed on the Organization pull-down list, reach out to Contact@HealthCode.Org , go ahead and register as you can “edit” your Profile and add your Organization later.
  2. Your Organization’s HR/wellness leader is recommended to sign up to receive periodic letter tips. https://events.healthcode.org/...
  3. See the Marathon in a Month implementation communication materials for easy district-wide implementation.
  4. Would your Organization like to have “Groups”, say by each school or/and department? Just provide the group names in an excel doc and send to contact@healthcode.org and they will set you up
  5. Reminder - Your Organization will have its own Private Leaderboard, including a Board for each “Group”; plus there is an excel doc for metrics and follow-ups showing all participants activity
  6. Starting October 1st well see who rules the Public Leaderboard like this one from 2019’s Marathon in a Month
  7. Questions? Send questions to Contact@HealthCode.org

HealthCode is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, whose mission is to empower people to live healthier, happier lives, free from preventable chronic diseases.

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