Welcome to 2024 Video: Staff Updates


Welcome to 2024! To kick off the new year, we're excited to share news about the TASBO team.

Ready or not, 2024 is here. We have some exciting news to share about TASBO and staff!

We're excited to share the news about a host of new staff promotions. It's very well-deserved and is intended to best serve the needs of our members and ensure development of our talented team.

List of Recent Promotions as Approved by Board of Directors:

  • Amanda Brownson, Ph.D. - Deputy Executive Director
  • Tom Greer, CAE - Associate Executive Director
  • Becky Faulk - Chief Engagement Officer
  • Janét Spurgin - Chief Research Officer
  • Rose Grandon, CAE - Chief Communications Officer
  • Ashley Franco - Director of Education
  • Justin Ables, CAE - Director of Marketing
  • Matt Fulmer, MFA, MSLC - Director of Instructional Design
  • Kyle Wallace - Sr. Manager of Instructional Design

Also, please welcome our new addition, Aliza Smith, as Education Manager.

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