Planning for a Safe Experience

For over 75 years TASBO has been your trusted resource for school finance and operations across Texas. We are committed to ensuring a safe learning experience at our meetings. Below you’ll find resources, policies, and any updates for upcoming meetings:

COVID-19 Response

  • Since the onset of the pandemic, TASBO has adjusted to relevant guidelines and best practices for hosting meetings. We will continue to work with attendees and venues to manage any new conditions that may arise.
  • One constant – wellness matters – and we encourage attendees to do what they can to stay healthy, be safe, and stay home when showing symptoms of any contagious illness.

Upcoming Meetings

Before Leaving Home

  • If you are not feeling well or have reason to believe you have COVID, please do not attend.
  • Please contact if you are unable to attend the conference.

Onsite During the Event

  • Wearing a mask while in event spaces is encouraged at all TASBO events.
  • Follow everyday preventive actions to help minimize the spread of respiratory viruses.
  • Do not enter event spaces if you begin to feel unwell or experience flu-like symptoms.
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