This tool is designed to help you analyze the historical relationship between local property values certified by the CAD and the results of the state property value study (PVS) for use in revenue projection templates. When you enter the district number, the tool will prepopulate with PVS values from prior years for each applicable CAD. You will enter data from your CAD for the same years and be able to see the historical relationship between the two. For best results, be sure to use the same data from the same timeframe. For example, if you are using a net taxable value for one year, do not use the freeze-adjusted value in another year. If you are using the July certification for one year, use the July certification for all years.

You may have information locally that would indicate this year’s pattern may vary from prior years (i.e. you implemented a new local option exemption or you think your CAD is changing practice in response to being assigned state values). You should consider this information when making a final estimate of the PVS results for the coming year. Finally, remember that estimating a low PVS value for use in your state funding template is not being conservative as it will likely overstate coming state aid and understate recapture.

Tool updated August 2022 – The tool has been updated to incorporate Tax Year 2021 final values for districts certified as of August 15, 2022. Preliminary values are included for the eight districts that were not finally certified. Method 3 added to provide another option for translating CAD values to PVS values.

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