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In 2019, we launched the Center for School Finance to provide district leaders with a clear picture on school finance from our subject-matter experts. We provide members of this new service with regular updates and presentations, and work closely with members to ensure they have what they need to plan ahead for their district. Staying informed during this unprecedented time of change will be more important than ever as school districts adjust to delivering and accounting for both in school and remote instruction.

What We Offer

Revenue Projection Services

  • As the implementation of HB3 continues and the state’s procedures related to the Foundation School Program evolve to meet changes schools must make to deliver instruction, we think that planning for settle-up will be more important than ever. We will provide you with multi-year summary and detail reports that show LPE information along with a DPE scenario using data you provide so that settle-up does not come as a surprise. You will have the opportunity to make at least quarterly updates to your local data used for the DPE scenarios as the year progresses.
  • In addition to our in-house reports, we are always happy to assist Center members by reviewing and comparing other templates and discussing scenarios.

Written Updates

  • We will keep you up to date on agency and legislative actions that might impact your district and its bottom-line.


  • We will conduct periodic "Lunch and Learn" webinars so you can hear updates from TASBO staff and visit with your colleagues around the state to share challenges and best practices.

Annual Meetings

  • These meetings will be interactive and structured so that members have the opportunity to understand the impact of proposed legislation and rule-making on their individual districts.

Access to Subject-Matter Experts

  • Have a question on school finance and operations? Our team of subject-matter experts and practitioners are available.


The cost of membership in the Center for School Finance will vary depending on district size.

District SizePrice
Under 500 Students$1,500
500 to 5,000 Students$3,000
5,001 to 25,000 Students$4,000
More than 25,000 Students$5,000


One primary membership is included in this service. Each district is allotted up to four (4) additional participants.

For More Information

Amanda Brownson, Ph.D.
Associate Executive Director of Policy & Research

“I've relied on the Center for School Finance to navigate HB 3 and I will continue to rely on their expertise in future legislative sessions. Districts are fortunate to have this worthwhile resource.”

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