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Membership in the Center for School Finance through TASBO will allow school personnel to estimate revenue under the new school finance calculations, stay on top of changes to Agency rule that may impact state aid calculations, and consider policy proposals likely to impact school districts in the coming legislative session.

A Busy Period Ahead

TEA will have many decisions to make as they work through the provisions of House Bill 3. These decisions will have a significant impact on school district operations. We will help you follow the implementation of these changes and predict the impact on your school district.

What We Offer

Revenue Projection to Help you Plan

  • Given the move to current-year property values and the creation of new allotments that rely on new data sources, we think planning for settle-up will be more important than ever. We will provide you with a detailed summary of financial reports that show LPE and DPE data using the information provided by your school district so that settle-up does not come as a surprise. You will have the opportunity to make quarterly updates of data as the year progresses. Additionally, we will provide five-year estimates that include the coming impact of future tax rate compression to help you to estimate the potential impact of tax rate changes going forward.

Written Updates

  • We will keep you up to date on TEA actions that might impact your district as well as the activities of interim committee discussions on school finance.


  • We will conduct periodic webinars so you can hear updates from Austin and ask questions about the implementation of House Bill 3 and potential changes to come.

Face to Face Meetings

  • We will provide updates for member districts in conjunction with TASBO Annual and Summer Conference. The meetings will be interactive and structured so that members have the opportunity to understand the impact of proposed rule-making on their individual districts.


The cost of membership in the Center for School Finance will vary depending on district size.

District SizePrice
Under 500 Students$1,500
500 to 5,000 Students$3,000
5,001 to 25,000 Students$4,000
More than 25,000 Students$5,000


One primary membership is included in this service. Members may share information and access to webinars to other staff within each district. Face-to-Face meetings may be limited depending on availability.

For More Information

Alyssa Reed
Coordinator of Partner Relationships


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