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Gain Insights and Plan Ahead

The Center for School Finance is led by a team of subject-matter experts and practitioners, who are insightful, accessible, and responsive. Through regular updates, presentations, and one-on-one consultations, we work closely with members to ensure they have what they need to plan ahead.

The Center for School Finance is a subscription service of the Texas Association of School Business Officials, a non-profit, non-partisan association that serves more than 8,500 school finance and operations professionals in Texas.

What We Offer

Revenue Projection Services

  • We provide multi-year revenue projection reports that allow for comparisons between state aid calculations used for district payments and “district planning estimate” scenarios using data you provide so that settle-up does not come as a surprise. You will have the opportunity to make regular updates to your local data used for the planning estimate scenarios as the year progresses.

  • We offer assistance to Center members through one-on-one consultation, where we can review and compare our results with other templates, discuss “what if” scenarios, and consider the revenue estimate in the context of other challenges the district faces.


  • Members of the Center come together on the last Monday of the month through zoom to network and hear the latest on issues relevant to the business office. Topics vary according to need, and have included:
    • Lessons learned through prior year audits,

    • Tax rate adoption guidance,

    • Property value and tax collection estimation,

    • Legislation under consideration in Austin,

    • New state guidance on attendance rules, and

    • Effective communication of school finance issues with the board and community.

Written Updates and Legislative Impact Models

  • We will keep you up to date on agency and legislative actions that might impact your district and its bottom-line. We will also provide district impact models so that you can see the potential impact of changes under consideration before they take effect.

Annual Meetings

  • We hold two in-person workshops a year for Center members in conjunction with the TASBO annual and summer conferences. The February workshop will provide updated information on legislation under consideration in the 88th Legislative Session, and the Summer Conference Workshop will provide an analysis of the education-related bills that passed.

Access to Subject-Matter Experts

  • Have a question on school finance and operations? Our team of subject-matter experts and practitioners are available.


The cost of membership in the Center for School Finance will vary depending on district size. It has been updated for 2022-23.

District SizePrice
Under 500 Students$1,650
500 to 5,000 Students$3,300
5,001 to 25,000 Students$4,400
More than 25,000 Students$5,500


One primary membership is included in this service. Each district is allotted up to seven (7) additional participants.

For More Information

Amanda Brownson, Ph.D.
Associate Executive Director of Policy & Research

“I've relied on the Center for School Finance to navigate HB 3 and I will continue to rely on their expertise in future legislative sessions. Districts are fortunate to have this worthwhile resource.”

Karen W. Smith, RTSBA, CPA, CIA | Chief Financial Officer | Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
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