TASBO and The National Alliance Bring Risk Manager Training to Texas Schools

School professionals working in the risk management field know that it is vital to have a solid understanding of every angle of school risk. TASBO has partnered with The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research to offer the Certified School Risk Managers Program (CSRM).

The five-part education and certification program gives participants in-depth knowledge of the risk management process and is recommended for school risk managers, school business managers, human resources personnel, insurance representatives and anyone else who may perform risk management functions within the district.

About the CSRM Curriculum

Participants will learn to effectively manage school district risks using the following step-by-step process:

  1. Risk Identification
  2. Risk Analysis
  3. Risk Control
  4. Risk Financing
  5. Risk Administration

The five courses required to earn the CSRM designation are:

  • Fundamentals of Risk Management
  • Measuring School Risks
  • Handling School Risks
  • Funding School Risks, and
  • Administering School Risks

Use CSRM Courses for TASBO Certification

Through an agreement with The National Alliance, TASBO course equivalencies may be granted for any two of the three CSRM courses listed below; however, TASBO courses do not satisfy CSRM certification requirements.

The maximum number of CSRM courses that may be used toward TASBO certification is two. Additionally, individuals seeking TASBO credit must complete the CSRM course tests.

CSRM CourseTASBO Risk Management Course

Fundamentals of Risk Mgmt

RMG101: Fundamentals of the Risk Mgmt Process

Funding School Risks

RMG202: Risk Financing Alternatives and Methods

Handling School Risks

RMG303: Procedures/Techniques of Risk Mgmt Safety/Loss Control

Taking Online CSRM Courses

The National Alliance also provides their curriculum online. When registering for an online course through The National Alliance, you must enter TASBO as the referral code.


Find CSRM Training In-Person or Online

We coordinate events with The National Alliance to bring CSRM training to Texas. For online CSRM courses, you must enter TASBO as the referral code.

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