Mentor Programs

Registration for the 2019-2020 mentoring programs is now open!

TASBO offers eight mentor programs for school finance and operations personnel. If you’re new to your role in one of the departments, then the mentoring program is a great resource to help you hit the ground running. Free to TASBO members, this program is designed to support you through your first two years on the job in a variety of ways.

  • To get the most out of your mentoring experience, we encourage you to engage in these programs fully.
  • Leverage the opportunity to whatever extent is deemed appropriate; we do not take attendance at meetings or require specific levels of contribution.
  • The programs are designed to help those new to their role. We encourage members to enroll annually, as long as they continue to find value in the tutelage of the mentors.
  • Members can belong to more than one mentor program.

Registration for the TASBO mentoring programs is now open; please click the links below to register for the respective program.


Mentor Programs... Need Mentors!

The more, the merrier. We are seeking experienced professionals with a desire to give back to those new to school business.

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