With a rich tradition of collaboration, TASBO members use research and standing committees to discuss hot topics, build lifelong professional connections, find solutions to common problems, and help guide the association. There are 13 research committees divided by subject-matter, and three standing committees, whose members are approved by the board of directors.

Research Committees

Any TASBO member can join any or all of the 13 research committees. Committees normally meet twice per year in-person, and as needed. Participation is encouraged, but not required to maintain committee membership. Additionally, some committees have online discussion groups in TASBO Connect. Your selection(s) should be based on interest, experience, or expertise in the Committee's identified specialty area.

Research CommitteesChairBoard Liaison

Accounting & Finance

Karen Wiesman, Ed.D., RTSBA, CPA | Mansfield ISD

Rachea' (Shay) Adams, RTSBA

Distribution & Inventory

Matt Rivera, CTSBS | Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD

Derek Gillard, RTSBA

Information Technology

Frankie Jackson, RTSBA | Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

Julie Novak, RTSBA

Instructional Materials

Jill Dorland | Clear Creek ISD

Heather Wilson, RTSBA

Internal Audit

Raquel Basurto, RTSBA, CIA, CGAP | Round Rock ISD

Stephanie Duran, RTSBA, CPA

Maintenance & Operations

Marshall Schroeder, RTSBA | Conroe ISD

Jennifer DuPlessis, RTSBA


Liz Poage, RTSBA | Lamesa ISD

Jennifer Land, RTSBA, CPA


Rebecca Hudson, CTSBO | Region 13 ESC

Stephanie Duran, RTSBA, CPA


Alfred Rodriguez, RTSBA, pHCLE | Elgin ISD

Eduardo Ramos, RTSBA

Purchasing & Supply Management

John Knowlton, RTSBA | Deer Park ISD

Mark Vechione, MBA, RTSBA

Safety, Security & Risk Management

Curt Marek | Dripping Springs ISD

Meritza Webb, RTSBA, CSRM, MBA, MPM

School Nutrition

Kathy Mackin, RTSBA

Elaine Cogburn, RTSBA, CPA


Kirk Self | Amarillo ISD

Darrell Dodds, RTSBA

Standing Committees

The Professional Certification Committee, Accounting & Auditing Advisory Committee, and Governmental Relations Committee are standing committees that serve as advisory groups to the TASBO Board of Directors. Standing committee members are appointed by the President with approval of the Board.

Standing CommitteesChairLiaison

Accounting & Auditing Advisory

David Marx | Texas Education Agency | 512.463.2945
Julie Novak, RTSBA | Fort Sam Houston ISD | 210.368.8705

Governmental Relations

David Garcia, RTSBA | HEB ISD | 817.399.2031

Julie Novak, RTSBA | Darrell Dodds, RTSBA | Rachea' (Shay) Adams, RTSBA | Jeff Bright, Ed.D., RTSBA | Eduardo Ramos, RTSBA

Professional Certification

Rebecca Estrada, RTSBA | Lackland ISD | 210.357.5000

Jonathan Bey, RTSBA, RSBS | Michele Trongaard, RTSBA, CPA

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