2020-21 Master Calendar is Now Available

2020 21 Master Calendar 1

The TASBO Master Calendar puts everything in one place, even including helpful information and training guidance to support the completion of each task.

The 2020-21 TASBO Master Calendar is now available and includes updated TEA deadlines, key tasks, best practices, critical deadlines, and training resources from TASBO. This calendar is a comprehensive spreadsheet designed for school business professionals in Texas and is released annually. It aggregates local, state, and federal requirements including submission deadlines for TEA, the IRS, and relevant grant programs.

Users can navigate using Excel filters. Important deadlines and tasks are color-coordinated by urgency, re-occurence, progress, or if it's a best practices. Each month is broken into separate tabs, and includes as "As Needed" tab and a "Master" tab with all items.

Special thanks to Lackland ISD's Becky Estrada for updating the key dates this year. Estrada created the first version of the Master Calendar in 2009.

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