2022 Certification Course Requirements Updated

Certification Overview

Three New Changes to Certification Course Requirements

The Professional Certification Standing Committee recently met to identify and remove barriers to the requirements needed to obtain a TASBO certification. Whether you are working towards your first certification, interested in another level, or looking for continuing education, TASBO has a lineup of courses ready to meet your needs!

  1. For CTSBS and CTSBO, there are no required in-person courses. For RTSBA, three courses must be taken in person.
    1. Please note: If you have completed all of your coursework by December 31, 2021, this new requirement is waived.
  2. School business experience gained outside of Texas counts towards total experience, at least one year must be from Texas.
  3. Removed the requirement of a certain number of consecutive years at one school district.

Certification Courses Options:

For further questions or more information, please visit the TASBO Certification website or email cert@tasbo.org.

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