Emotional Resilience and Having Fun with Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter

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In this episode of TASBOcast, TASBO's Jason W Meek and Tom Greer have a conversation with Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter - a popular speaker at TASBO events since 2018. At the TASBO Engage Conference, the title of her session is "Emotional Resilience and Success."

TASBO's Jason W Meek and Tom Greer have a conversation with professional speaker and coach, Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter. She's set to present at the 2022 TASBO Engage Conference and thrilled TASBO audiences, most recently with a keynote at the TASBO School Operations Conference.

In this episode, Stevie opens up with a "Yes, and..." exercise, tells stories about overcoming obstacles by focusing on the positive, and talks about using "Pulse Checks" to motivate yourself and others.

"I feel like every time I speak at TASBO I came away with ideas for future sessions because somebody in the audience engaged me with a question that I hadn’t heard before. So I really appreciate that as a presenter – that makes my life easier and better. But, I also think it says a lot about the people who are working in these school districts day in and day out."
- Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter

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