Million Mile Month: School District Challenge

Walkers Five

It's not too late to enter the School District Challenge: a virtual activity wellness event in April.

TASBO, TASA, and TASB invite you and your district to participate in the free April virtual activity wellness challenge the Million Mile Month, which is a challenge to complete one million miles of physical activity, together as a global community.

Yes, school districts are invited across the country and around the globe. Let’s see which school districts, cities, and states will top the global leaderboards! (See April 2023’s leaderboard.)

April’s Million Mile Month is a great complement to Earth Month, as everyone is encouraged to crack the code to healthy living by walking, hiking, biking while cultivating our health and celebrating our planet.

Share our brief presentation with your team to get them excited and ready to join in. Check out the April 2023 Challenge Results. It's not too late to start! You can enter anytime this month.

Participants will be in the running for over $10,000 in cool prizes throughout 2024, such as a $3,000 organic mattress from Naturepedic.

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