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Caitlin Cheatham | Business Manager | Westwood ISD

How did you get your start in school business?

I started out in 2014 as an administrative assistant and, in 2018 moved to the payroll position. Recently, I began a new role as business manager for Westwood ISD.

What do you like best about your job and where you work?

I love that every day is different! There are the things that must be done every month, but then there are the unexpected things that walk through the door daily.

Why do you recommend TASBO to your colleagues? What programs and services do you find helpful?

I recommend TASBO for the networking aspect. There are so many people to make connections with! The different academies offered during the year are extremely helpful in equipping you with the tools to excel.

What is your favorite TASBO training to attend and why?

Always love the TASBO Engage Conference. After that conference, I feel a sense of community and love coming back to my district with ideas that I've gathered from others.

Who has inspired you in your career?

This list could really go on and on! Tammy Murray (Jacksonville ISD) was a huge help to me when I first started my payroll position and knew absolutely nothing! Mr. Wade Stanford and Mr. Kyle Johnson, my Superintendent and Finance Director, are constantly encouraging me and helping me grow confidence in my new position.

What was your childhood dream job?

I wanted to be a P.E. teacher! That was what my mom did for over 30 years and I thought, what could be more fun than playing dodgeball every day?

Tell us one thing people would be surprised to know about you:

Even though I work with numbers every day, growing up I could not stand anything that had to deal with math. So many tears were shed over a math book at my house.

What's something you're looking forward to in the future?

I look forward to becoming someone who others look to for help. I want to give back to people new to the profession just like others have done for me.

Anything else you would like to include?

I'm thankful to the TASBO community! They have been amazing in guiding me in so many different situations. Cannot recommend TASBO enough for people new to school business.

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