TASBO Board Member Brent Ringo Named Lone Finalist as Kerrville ISD Superintendent

Brent Ringo Board Photo web

Newly-elected TASBO Board Member Dr. Brent Ringo has been named the lone finalist for the Kerrville ISD Superintendent position. He plans to continue to serve on the TASBO Board of Directors, which would likely make him the first director to serve while being a permanent Superintendent.

Dr. Brent Ringo, currently CFO at Garland ISD and newly-elected TASBO Board Member, has been named as the lone finalist for the Superintendent position at Kerrville ISD. Following a state-mandated 21-day waiting period, the Kerrville ISD board will consider final approval of Dr. Ringo’s contract on April 25. Upon final approval, Dr. Ringo will officially begin his position on May 1.

"We're very excited for Brent and his family. He has an impressive background and is worthy of the new position," said TASBO Executive Director Tracy Ginsburg. "And, the TASBO Board of Directors will benefit from his experience as a Superintendent."

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