Understanding the Most Effective Uses of ESSER Funds

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Frontline Education released a white paper to assist K-12 school officials in understanding this topic. TASBO Strategic Partner, Forecast5 Analytics, is now part of Frontline Education.

Frontline Education, a leading provider of administration software purpose-built for educators in K-12, today announced the release of Demystifying ESSER Funding Questions: Managing Short-term Financial Needs While Ensuring Long-term Sustainability. The white paper, developed by the Frontline Research and Learning Institute, details specific approaches using easy-to-use tools that leverage comparative and financial analytics to build immediate spending strategies while maintaining long-term fiscal strength and accountability.

What: K-12 school leaders are facing challenges understanding ESSER funding, specifically how and when to spend it most effectively. Readers will gain an understanding of how comparative analytics can inform overall financial strategy and how financial analytics can be used to develop short- and long-term plans. These tools can be easily available to all leaders and are not complicated to use.

Why: K-12 organizations now have access to an unprecedented amount of funding, and it is being distributed at a rapid pace. Many school leaders are expressing concerns about how the money can best be used, especially since they have permanent needs but only temporary funding. Data and Analytics will help school leaders navigate this new territory by equipping them with relevant data, comprehensive insights and compelling visuals to build a plan that supports organizations in achieving their strategic goals.

Where: The white paper is hosted on the Frontline Research & Learning Institute website.

Who: Chris Ryan, Sr. Analytics Advisor and Travis Zander CPA, Sr. Analytics Advisor share data and insights on how education leaders can leverage comparative and financial analytics to best utilize all of the available funding sources.

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