Sponsor Spotlight: Houston ISD Medicaid Finance & Consulting Services

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Meet Jacqueline Richard, Senior Manager with Houston ISD Medicaid Finance and Consulting Services.

We talked with Jacqueline Richard, Senior Manager with Houston ISD Medicaid Finance and Consulting Services, about their initiatives, her interactions with TASBO members, and their sponsorship with TASBO.

What are some hot topics heading into this year?

Right now, in our industry, we're dealing with our cost reports. They are due April 1st, so many of the districts are scrambling to gather up all our finances that it costs us to provide the services. So, gathering all that information and putting together this big report, that's what we're working on.

Another hot topic is audits. We are being audited on our prior year cost reports, which is the regular routine based on regulations, and we are getting a lot of different questions and concerns from our clients and their understanding. Another topic that has been coming up is more on the program side; there is a big thing with a third-party liability. But as you know, Houston ISD is on the forefront of that where we're reaching out to HHSC to get the right answers for our clients and to make sure that they're successful with dealing with those situations as they come up.

What are some key initiatives for Houston ISD Medicaid Finance & Consulting Services?

Our biggest thing is to gain more clients and marketing, but moreover, we continually try to make sure that we are able to support our districts to maximize their Medicaid revenue with different programs. If we know there are any new Medicaid programs on the horizon for school districts, we're right there with the state legislature to discuss how the program will be laid out and being able to implement it as well. We are constantly upgrading our system to make sure we are able to support those new initiatives.

What do you appreciate about TASBO members?

I really appreciate the feedback, and they are really engaging. This is like the best conference ever, let me just say that. I was at a couple of other conferences, and other attendees, including CFOs, came up to me saying how they could not wait for TASBO’s. So, the TASBO conference is really cool and fun, but also educational.

We go to many districts, and people will say, “oh, I remember you from TASBO.” It's because this organization knows what it takes to get the collaboration and get people together in one place where a lot of sharing happens. I really appreciate that about TASBO and the members because I'm a member as well. I just have a love for the TASBO organization and the people as well. The board, the team, Tracy, everybody is great!

What are some additional benefits of your relationship with TASBO and the Strategic Partner Program?

We have been a strategic partner since the onset of the program, and we've been a member ever since. Each year just gets better because you get to be a part of all the things that help you be more visible. Our organization is big on helping school districts period, and TASBO has played a great part in assisting with that. Personally, I attended the classes so that I could become a registered school business official, and I was also a part of the Emerging Leaders Program. I have another employee that will be a part of the Emerging Leaders Program as well. We utilize a lot of the opportunities that TASBO offers to its members because not only are we a strategic partner but are members ourselves, so we try to take advantage of those things.

Thank you, Jacqueline, and thank you, Houston ISD Medicaid Finance & Consulting Services, for your support for public education!

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