Sponsor Spotlight: TASB Facility Services

Clemens TASB Facilities

Jeff Clemmons from TASB Facility Services discusses their hot topics and facility strategic planning.

We talked to Jeff Clemmons, Director of Facility Services at the Texas Association of School Boards, about TASB Facility Services’ initiatives, his reactions with TASBO members, and their sponsorship with TASBO.

What are some hot topics heading into this year?

Being a legislative year, it is a school finance all the time, up and down the ticket. However, we are talking to a lot of schools about accessibility issues and facility conditions which is something that is consistent that there has not been money for schools to fund. So, just helping schools, trying to find the options and the best opportunity to move forward.

What are some key initiatives for TASB Facility Services?
Along the lines of facilities, for about 30 years, TASB has assisted over 600 schools in the state on the environmental compliance side. Now, we're looking to take that to the facility condition side to assist schools of all sizes all over the state with just keeping track and planning ahead from a budget, maintenance and operation standpoint, and simply being prepared because we see it as a need for our members all over the state.

What do you appreciate about TASBO members?
TASBO is a sister organization of TASB. We have the same goal in mind. We're here to help our schools and to help our members, so that's really one of the biggest things that I appreciate about TASBO and TASBO’s members. In our membership, on the facility services side of TASB, we serve the exact same members that TASBO serves so it's a good hand in hand relationship.

What are some additional benefits of your relationship with TASBO and the Strategic Partner Program?
From a strategic partner’s standpoint, just having the ability to have a presence and be in the midst of the TASBO opportunities and trainings along with being able to meet our members as well. It’s one of those things where we're in the same boat, we're rowing the same direction, so why not be partners? We just appreciate the opportunity and the value that TASBO brings to us and our members as well.

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