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Data Analytics for Texas Schools

Frontline Analytics offers a faster, easier, more flexible and versatile alternative to traditional spreadsheet-based methods. Over 100 Texas school districts have leveraged the power of data in Frontline Analytics to find new resources, increase operational efficiency and strengthen decision-making processes. The platform includes cloud-based business intelligence software, interactive visuals, map-based software, and a collaborative analytics engine.

TASBO is proud to partner with Frontline Analytics to help bring exceptional data analytics to Texas schools.

Contact: Travis Zander | 630.955.7501

Find the Right Solutions: Business Analytics Suite

Find the Right Solutions

Comparative Analytics

Put decision making on the fast track. A powerful tool for K-12 schools, Comparative Analytics software leverages prebuilt data sets and analytics to produce custom analysis with speed and efficiency.

By delivering data and peer comparisons directly to your desktop, Comparative Analytics allows K-12 schools to focus on solutions and implementation. Once you have the insights you need, Comparative Analytics' powerful predesigned communication templates make it fast and easy to present complex information in clear, simple and attractive charts and other visualizations.

  • Analyze local compensation/benefits trends
  • View revenue and expenditure trends by fund, function or object
  • Identify relative performance against benchmark peers
  • Evaluate staffing ratios and FTE trends by position against peers
  • Compare testing and achievement results by location

Financial Planning and Budget Management Analytics

Financial Planning and Budget Management Analytics software is designed to accelerate the financial planning process by eliminating time-consuming data gathering and model building. Populated directly from your accounting system, Financial Planning and Budget Management Analytics’ powerful hybrid database engine integrates historical perspective, trend analysis and scenario comparisons, generating reports instantly to support decision making.

  • Develop a multiyear budget plan
  • Simulate collective bargaining budget impacts
  • Perform intra-year budget performance analyses.
  • Analyze results by fund, function, object or location
  • Compare "what-if" scenarios
  • Identify key indicators for year-end budget variances.
  • Generate visual and tabular information for stakeholders

Student Analytics Lab

Capitalize on the rich insights contained within your student data — regardless of where that data resides — to improve student outcomes. Student Analytics Lab (formerly 5Lab) makes it easy to combine all of your data and present it visually so you can easily measure student performance, assess next grade/college- and career-readiness, close learning gaps, advance equity, and improve student outcomes.

  • Monitor student performance and progress across learning environments.
  • Identify, at the student level, those falling behind for intervention planning.
  • Identify “blind spots” to ensure equity and access.

Location Analytics

Districts increasingly need to answer questions related to “where.” Location Analytics (formerly 5Maps) enables you to instantly gain location-based insights by adding a critical geographic dimension to your student and community data.

With Location Analytics, you can combine disparate data sources into an interactive map to quickly see patterns and trends related to capacity, equity, access, enrollment, boundaries, resource placement, and more. It's easy to create a district-wide view, and then drill-down to a neighborhood or student-specific view in just a few clicks. And unlike with other complex mapping tools, you won’t need a technical expert to use it.

  • Evaluate boundaries and attendance zones to determine optimal resource placement
  • Prepare for referendums, tax levy elections, tax elections, bond elections, and other voter approved decisions.
  • Use FCC data to understand student internet access and close the digital divide
  • Assess open enrollment and choice trends, so that you can better predict funding
  • Outline program offerings by building, enhance school board presentations, and support public forums and staff meetings with district personnel.

Find the Right Solutions: Business Analytics Suite

State-of-the-art analytics solutions help district leaders tap into their data to make more informed decisions for the benefit of their students and communities.

“After 19 years in school business, I have come to believe that Frontline Analytics, powered by Forecast5, will set a uniform standard for excellence in financial management throughout Texas.”

Steven Bassett, CPA, Deputy Superintendent | Fort Bend ISD
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