Profiling Great Leaders in Public Education

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Shay Adams, Michele Trongaard, Darrell Dodds, and Jennifer Land were all honored at the 2024 TASBO Engage Conference, after being profiled as a leader in the video series, "Profiles in Leadership."

To exemplify great leadership in public education, TASBO documented the journey of four volunteer leaders in the video series, “Profiles in Leadership.” Shay Adams, Darrell Dodds, Jennifer Land, and Michele Trongaard were all honored at the 2024 TASBO Engage Conference, where the video series debuted.

This series covers the day-to-day activities of four TASBO leaders, demonstrating their leadership strategies to help schools thrive. The goal of the video series is to recognize the value of these leaders and inspire others to assume leadership roles in their districts.

Each of the leaders profiled were recent board presidents, beginning with Michele Trongaard in 2020 at the onset of a global pandemic. In addition to the challenges to public education, the meeting industry was greatly disrupted. This left TASBO and other associations in a vulnerable position. Despite these struggles, the association has grown and overcome significant challenges. These leaders helped TASBO achieve great things, including educating members who make education possible.

In addition to the main video that has been debuted, four more videos - each documenting a different TASBO leader - will be published online in the coming weeks. TASBO Strategic Partner Equitable helped introduce the video series during the general session which they sponsored.

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